Fun things to do at the Big Canoe Swim Club!

The Swim Club at Big Canoe is of of the biggest reasons our guests at Bear Paw Cabin come back year after year. Every year, when the waters begin to warm up and the summer sun comes out, guests and vacation renters flock to Big Canoe’s pools, sandy beaches, and pristine lakes.

Do you need a Cabin rental with a stepless entry in North Georgia?

Do you or someone that you are traveling with have difficulty with steps? Many of have a hard time with steps. Finding a cabin with no steps to get into can be a hard task, but don’t worry! Bear Paw Cabin has a no step entry.

Do you need a Cabin that does not allow pets in North Georgia due to Allergies? by Bear Paw Cabin

Are you looking for a cabin rental that does not allow dogs? Do you have severe dog or animal allergies? We have got you covered. At Bear Paw Cabin in Big Canoe, GA, we cater to those that have severe allergies as we know most other cabins allow pets.

What amenities are most popular for vacation rentals in Big Canoe?

Are you looking to book a Big Canoe vacation rental? There are a few to choose from for sure. Let me help you with a list of much need amenities that travelers love to have in a Big Canoe mountain rental:

Five Reasons why Big Canoe is a great place for your Family Reunion

Family reunions are important because they give us the chance to reconnect with our loved ones and share memories. They also provide the perfect opportunity for family members of all ages to get together outdoors and enjoy some quality time and fresh air. Big Canoe family reunions create a sense of unity, which can beContinue reading “Five Reasons why Big Canoe is a great place for your Family Reunion”

10 Fun things to do in the Summer in Big Canoe, GA

Are you looking for the perfect family summer getaway? Then Big Canoe, GA is just the place for you! This beautiful area is full of fun activities in the summer to enjoy with the entire family. The outdoor swimming areas are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Here are 10 fun ideas to getContinue reading “10 Fun things to do in the Summer in Big Canoe, GA”

What County is Big Canoe, GA in? Surprise! It is in TWO different counties

So you are wanting to know what county the amazing resort community of Big Canoe is in? You might be confused when looking for the right answer. Why? Because it is located in two counties! Pickens and Dawson County.