What County is Big Canoe, GA in? Surprise! It is in TWO different counties

So you are wanting to know what county the amazing resort community of Big Canoe is in? You might be confused when looking for the right answer. Why? Because it is located in two counties! Pickens and Dawson County.

Exploring the Towns Near Big Canoe, GA

Are you looking for fun and interesting places to explore near Big Canoe, Georgia? Look no further! In this blog post, we will take a look at five towns near Big Canoe that are perfect for your next family adventure.

How much does a cabin rental cost in Big Canoe, GA?

Are you looking for a peaceful getaway this summer? Look no further than Big Canoe, Georgia. This beautiful mountain community is a great spot for families to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some quality time together.

10 Reasons to Go Hiking in Big Canoe, GA

Big Canoe, Georgia is located just one hour north of Atlanta and it is a great place for an outdoor adventure. With its lush natural surroundings, beautiful lakes, and numerous trails, it has something for everyone. Here are ten reasons why you should go hiking in Big Canoe.

Looking for the best AirBnB in Big Canoe, Ga?

Are you looking for the best AirBnB in Big Canoe, GA? There are many options to pick from now. It is important to rent from someone with a great rental history, good reviews and pictures that really give you an idea of how great the property is. We made Bear Paw Cabin a rental inContinue reading “Looking for the best AirBnB in Big Canoe, Ga?”

Looking for the best Cabin in Big Canoe Georgia for families or wedding groups?

Are you heading to Big Canoe soon for a family trip, simple relaxation or a Big Canoe wedding? Look no further, Bear Paw Cabin is perfect for multi families. Welcome to Bear Paw Cabin in Big Canoe. Located 5 minutes from the clubhouse and lakes, this 3,000 sqft property is great for larger groups. BigContinue reading “Looking for the best Cabin in Big Canoe Georgia for families or wedding groups?”